100 frogs book cover layout

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Here is a layout design for the book 100 frogs by Alice Badler. I drew the portrait of Alice,   the frog     and created the logo  for her cover all in Adobe Illustrator. Below is the flat image of the layout for the book.

Scrolling shooter game

GraphiXlane/ September 19, 2015/ Illustration, Interactive Design, Video Game/ 2 comments

I was part of a 4 person team that created a scrolling shooter game built completely in HTML 5, CSS 3 and JavaScript that could be played in a browser called Oliver vs Dragonbunny. I was in charge of creating the background images that would scroll through the game as the player advanced. All images were created in Adobe Illustrator.

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Alice Badler Facebook Banner

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This is a Facebook banner for a public figure page that I designed for author & radio talk show host Alice Badler. The concept of the design was to create a journal look as Alice was working on a book about her personal experiences and the layout of the book was in a journal format. Alice supplied the photos of herself for me to use.

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Fashion spread

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This center spread was created for an online digital magazine & print magazine. Below are a couple of the page layouts for the magazine. This was the design for the cover. And here are a few of the photo’s I took for the magazine at the fashion show held at a Women’s business expo.


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During a visit to the local fair this old boy was strolling along the ground outside for people to meet. I got down on the ground to be able to get a shot of his face and to look into his eyes. I often wonder what goes on behind the eyes of animals. What are they thinking? What do they

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Mr Toad

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This little guy, another of the many creature that live in my backyard was tucked down beside a bag of dirt. He seemed quit content where he was until I came along, although he didn’t seem to mind as much as I thought he would when I got down on the ground to take his picture.

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This is the inside of a fallen tree trunk, that over the years has become hollow. I liked looking down through it catching the texture of the inside of the trunk.

Stone cold

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This beautiful statue of a lion was can be found at the entrance of a mausoleum at one of the local cemeteries. Believe it or not cemeteries can actually be a fascinating place to find subjects to photograph.

Pine cone

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When you look at things up close you begin to see the beauty and detail, particularly in nature. The symmetrical designs and perfect patterns that are created. Here is one of the many pine cones that grow in my backyard. Still attached to the tree it is a beautiful piece of nature unlike when it has fallen and has become a

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Green moss

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Moss alway make me think of strange places not of this world. It also appears so soft and delicate with its tiny little foliage grouped in tiny clumps.


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I have a lot of trees in my backyard that give it a forest like atmosphere and with that I often have mushroom growing all around. I find them very interesting to photograph, they make me feel like I am entering a world hidden from the rest of us.